Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography & Video

Vertical Flight is the premiere helicopter company providing services for aerial photography and video in Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg. We offer professional, dependable, and safe helicopter services customized to meet your aerial photography needs so you can get your job done on time and on budget.

We also offer services for aerial surveys of all types. Whether it’s power line survey, wildlife survey, or something in between, Vertical Flight of Clearwater is Tampa Bay’s top company for all your aerial survey needs.

Photo fights have an inherent increased risk associated with the activity. As Photographer’s demand the perfect orientation of the helicopter, to obtain the ideal photograph, many times this requires the helicopter to be flown in aggressive configurations. As a result the accident rate associated with photo flights occurs at a higher incident then the routine flights. Robinson Helicopter company has issued a specific safety notice relative to the increased risk and potential dangers of photo flights. Within this Notice recommendations have been made as to the experience level of the pilot conducting such flights.

Aerial Photography & Video Services

Vertical Flight pilot’s exceed the recommended minimum flight hour experience. Additionally, as safety is always first at Vertical Flight, pilots maintain control of all aspects of the flight including having to refuse the occasional request of a Photographer for safety considerations.

The highly experienced pilots at Vertical Flight can provide the best opportunity for the great photographs desired while providing an acceptable level of safety through out the course of the flight.